• Thank you.

  • My first cup of coffee is usually about 6:30am when everything is quiet and the crickets are chirping and the summer sun is rising!

    Bryan Carley
  • I love good coffee. I dont drink just one brand or blend. I love variety. I only drink what I think is quality coffee. I tried Hoyser Country blend about 2 weeks ago and must say the flavor was exceptionally smooth. My wife and I are very particular when it comes to coffee. We both put this blend of coffe on the top of our list.

    Marty Alfiero
  • I just finished a cup this morning and also one last night. I really like it. It’s very well balanced. It’s got a smooth body with a bit of bright overtones. I’m surprised it got here as soon as it did. I still have the mailing pouch and just looked at the mail date and it only took two days to get here. That’s amazing considering you’re on the other side of the country. You guys must have just roasted it right before you shipped it. I did a pourover using my Kalita Wave Dripper 155 and it bloomed really well and evenly. I’ll be ordering again when I run out. Ciao for now. Can’t wait for your next video tomorrow.

    Bruce Baldwin
  • HCB coffee is amazing! It has a smooth taste and is refreshing! Great way to get your morning started!

    Claudia is a terrific singer and has a line if coffee that tastes great! If you want some great tasting coffee, HCB is the choice!

    Brandon Morrell

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