• It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining and the smell of HCB fills the air. No more needs to be said. Blissful coffee moment.

    Chris Cook
  • I have tasted your coffee… it is the best coffee I have ever had, I drink a lot of coffee!! I sent a bag to my daughter and her partner and they love it as well (they also drink a lot of coffee!) Both are police officers. I am not sure I can drink any other blend now.

    Robert Marcil
  • Started my day with a great coffee moment. Today I went to Broad River Pier to go fishing because our Governor lifted restrictions on the corona lockdown. There was No one there when I arrived so I sat at the picnic table and drank my HCB and admired the scenery. It was very peaceful and I think one of the best cups of coffee in my life. Thank You Hoyser Cointry!!!

    Robert Baker
  • one of the nicest medium blends I’ve had in a long time. With each cup I have I appreciate its full-bodied, smooth taste more and more. The Tanzanian Peaberry beans also create a very unique flavour.

  • With all that’s happening in the world today, I wanted to spread some happiness to my co-workers yesterday. So at lunch I grabbed a six pack of HCB and gave them away to our biggest coffee drinkers (besides me) when I got back. I told them to sit back, relax, and have a coffee moment on me this weekend to relieve some stress. I know when they sit down today that the wonderful drinkability of HCB will soothe their hearts and souls!
    All I can say is, Hoyser Country Blend is so good that it can literally ease all your cares, if only for a moment of time! Thank You Hoyser Country and Claudia for the best coffee everrrrr!!!

    Robert Baker

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