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  • Coffee Moment Update:
    I recently shared a bag of HCB ground with a cashier I happened to get in a convo about coffee with. Checked back in with her and of course she loved it! She said she will def. order soon and is going to also check out Claudia Hoyser music. Always proud to bring another fan into the mix! Everything Hoyser is AMAZING! ☕🎶✨

    Robert Baker
  • It was late night Monday and I needed dog food. The only store I found open was Dollar General so went in and got some. When checking out the cashier and I got in a convo about coffee and of course I told her about HCB. She said it sounded wonderful and asked where she could get some because she loved coffee. I showed her @hoysercountry and told her i would bring her a bag to try today. I know she’ll love it and i guess i will have hooked another HCB fan! I just love sharing the most amazing coffee ever!! ☕🔥

    Robert Baker

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