• I have tasted your coffee… it is the best coffee I have ever had, I drink a lot of coffee!! I sent a bag to my daughter and her partner and they love it as well (they also drink a lot of coffee!) Both are police officers. I am not sure I can drink any other blend now.

    Robert Marcil
  • Started my day with a great coffee moment. Today I went to Broad River Pier to go fishing because our Governor lifted restrictions on the corona lockdown. There was No one there when I arrived so I sat at the picnic table and drank my HCB and admired the scenery. It was very peaceful and I think one of the best cups of coffee in my life. Thank You Hoyser Cointry!!!

    Robert Baker
  • one of the nicest medium blends I’ve had in a long time. With each cup I have I appreciate its full-bodied, smooth taste more and more. The Tanzanian Peaberry beans also create a very unique flavour.

  • With all that’s happening in the world today, I wanted to spread some happiness to my co-workers yesterday. So at lunch I grabbed a six pack of HCB and gave them away to our biggest coffee drinkers (besides me) when I got back. I told them to sit back, relax, and have a coffee moment on me this weekend to relieve some stress. I know when they sit down today that the wonderful drinkability of HCB will soothe their hearts and souls!
    All I can say is, Hoyser Country Blend is so good that it can literally ease all your cares, if only for a moment of time! Thank You Hoyser Country and Claudia for the best coffee everrrrr!!!

    Robert Baker
  • Claudia, one thing I enjoy in this life is coffee, the quality and flavor of the coffee that bears your name is delicious! My first approach was to just fill in the alternative container for the Keurig and brew, it was nice, but I’ve remembered one of my daughters gave a coffee maker where one brew coffee the old way, that was awesome, it seems this technique really gets the flavor out of the blend making it even more enjoyable. Kudos for your blend!

    JC Alexandres

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