• Coffee Moment Update:
    I recently shared a bag of HCB ground with a cashier I happened to get in a convo about coffee with. Checked back in with her and of course she loved it! She said she will def. order soon and is going to also check out Claudia Hoyser music. Always proud to bring another fan into the mix! Everything Hoyser is AMAZING! ☕🎶✨

    Robert Baker
  • My Husband and I have been looking for a smooth tasting, non-oily whole bean coffee for a long time. This is it! Just perfection. I was so pleased to find it in my Chittenango Tops! Thank you!

    Sandy Davis
  • I drink coffee all day and I have drank many different brands. There is something special about HCB. It has been my go to coffee and a company that supports the Military it makes it that much better! Give it a try in an aeropress and you’ll never go back to another brewer or coffee brand!

    Joshua Permenter
  • Best French Press coffee!!!

    Rudolph (Mike) Grahek
  • It’s Saturday morning, the sun is shining and the smell of HCB fills the air. No more needs to be said. Blissful coffee moment.

    Chris Cook

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