• The taste is bold and exciting. My son loves it also! Thanks for your coffee Claudia!

    Mark T Phelps
  • I had such a perfect coffee moment this morning at the beach. I got there early and had the beach to myself and of course I had brought along some Hoyser Country Blend. I sat on the sand watching the waves break while I drank my coffee. This gave me the chance to reflect on the past months, including my following of Claudia. I have to say, not only does she have the sweetest, purest, country voice I’ve ever heard, she also has produced the best coffee ever to grace this earth. Thank you Claudia for making this moment possible 😊
    You are a very smart, talented, beautiful woman and I am very thankful for all you do. I will always be a fan for life of your music, your coffee, and just you the person
    Robert Baker ribj64robertbaker

    Robert Baker
  • About to make a cup of the finest coffee that is Hoyser Country Blend. Before i do, i take a sniff from the bag to take in the wonderful aroma!!! Just love it!!!

    Chris Cook
  • I have made a shrine, donated a bag of HCB to the fire station, shared with Family and friends, brought extra for coworkers, and shared Claudia’s music to boot. But I think my best coffee moment is sending a bag of HCB to my buddy Chris Cook. To see how happy it made him brings me joy. It’s just awesome that we share alot of the same appreciation of Claudias music, coffee, and all of her other endeavors. Chris and Claudia YOU BOTH ROCK!!! 😁❤

    Robert Baker
  • I don’t think anyone can top Robert Baker’s coffee moment. Donating to the Port Royal Fire Department. He’s set the bar pretty high!!
    I can’t wait to get home later and make a cup with the bag he has sent over to me!! Thank you buddy!!

    Chris Cook

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