Hoyser Country Blend (12oz Whole Bean Coffee)

Hoyser Country Blend (12oz Whole Bean Coffee)

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Whole Bean, Grind it to YOUR perfection.
Premium | Top-Shelf | Artisan Roast

Flavor Story: Hints of Oaty Chocolate, Dark Fruits like Black Currant, Citrus and Coconut. Bold, rich and smooth. This medium roast has a seamlessly clean finish. *Non-GMO *Kosher Certified

Recommended Grind / Brewing Method: 
*Extra Coarse* - Cold Brew and Cowboy Coffee
*Coarse* - French Press, Percolator
*Medium Coarse* - Chemex
*Medium Fine* - Pour Over, Aeropress (3+ Min. Brew Time)
*Fine* - Espresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress (1 Min. Brew Time)

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