• No other coffee comes close to HOYSER COUNTRY BLEND. I savour it as much as I can by having 1 cup per day. Usually after work, I always look forward to coming home from work and making a cup of the good stuff!! If you haven’t yet tried it, please do. You won’t regret it. Not only is Claudia great at making music, she made an outstanding coffee too!!

    Chris Cook
  • I will never forget the first day Hoyser Country Blend was introduced by Claudia. I watched her live video and as a coffee lover for most of my life, I was very excited to try it. Immediately after the live, I went to the website and ordered a bag. Can’t lie, I was also excited for the live bag signing which was so cool, I still have the full bag too. I ordered again and when I got that bag I went and tried immediately. It was far better than I could have imagined. The aroma, rich and bold taste, and the smooth drinkability of HCB is unmatched. Since the first two bags I have purchased 62 more and I will always keep this coffee as my go to coffee for ever. Go try it my friends, Your Going To Love It!

    Robert Baker
  • Hoyser Country Blend is awesome. It’s so good, I pay more for the postage than the coffee to get it here in New Zealand.

    Steve Northcott
  • Had a real cool moment yesterday on my lunch break. I went to the UPS store to mail a package, when I came out and was walking to my truck, I notice a lady looking at the decals of Hoyser Country I have on the back window. As I approached I asked, do you like those? She said she was trying to figure out what they meant. So I told her all about Claudia Hoyser and Hoyser country. When I mentioned coffee, she said she loved it and just so happens I always carry a bag in my truck, so I gave it to her. She smelled the bag and said “oooh that smells great” she took down the info to check everything out and she said thanks and left with a huge smile ☺ Funny thong is, I never got her name, but I know that I have got a new fan for Claudia and that makes me very happy ☺☺

    Robert Baker
  • Talk about a "coffee moment ". I just went through hurricane Dorian last night and at 2:15am I got ready to brew some Hoyser Country Blend and just as I bit the button, the power went out. I spent the rest of the night craving that cup. FINALLY the power came back on at 9:am and the first thing I did was brew that cup. Hoyser Country Blend is so good that it does have a priority in my life. Just have to have that taste daily. Thank You Miss Claudia for bringing this perfect blend into my life. Can’t wait to see what comes next with Hoyser Country

    Robert Baker

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