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Take a moment. Wherever you are, whatever you're in the middle of.. take a moment to look around. Peak over your cup of steaming hot coffee. Take in the aroma and who you're surrounded by. If you're having this moment to yourself, think about what is really making it most enjoyable and make little memory with every cup. We can't wait to hear about what fuels you everyday. 

I couldn't be more excited to share this coffee with everyone and hear about where you are tasting it!! Please feel free to share your coffee moment, we're gonna love it! We choose one coffee moment a week to share on our Instagram! @hoysercountry


  • I finally grabbed a couple of bags from Claudia, at her recent show at Native Eatery & Bar in Rochester NY. My wife is a big coffee drinker, has all the coffee apps on her phone, plus we make a 6 cup pot every morning! Personally, it’s not for me, I’m a tea guy. But 3 days into bag 1, and she is a huge fan of not only Claudia’s singing but also her coffee! We will be buying more!! And seeing Claudia at an event soon!! Thanks Claudia!!

    Chris Bunn
  • My favourite coffee moment is when I open my bag of HCB and smell that wonderful rich aroma!! Smells like heaven in a bag.
    The best coffee!!

    Chris Cook
  • Great Coffee! Just the right amount of zing! Very flavorful. Using a medium grind (a little courser than drip.)
    I use 24.1 grams of coffee to 385 grams of water to produce a 12 ounce cup, this is because you’ll lose some water that gets trapped in the grinds in the brewing process. This works in both pourover and French press.

    Bruce (BE) Baldwin
  • Working nights I’m always drinking coffee to stay awake HCB coffee is a smooth taste with a nice caffeine kick. This morning I just opened my 20th bag of HCB coffee love that coffee

    Michael Ernst
  • Hoyser Country Blend has a rich and robust flavor that will bring your taste buds to a heavenly peak. I brew this awesome coffee in two ways, with my Keurig and using the slow pour method. Either way I get a superior cup of coffee each time.
    I start each day having several cups, usually around 32ozs., and throughout the day I will have more. My favorite time to have this great blend is in the evening though, because sitting back after a successful day and having a cup of HCB is the most relaxing and rewarding thing you can do for yourself. All I can say is if you haven’t tried Hoyser Country Blend, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some. You will be extremely pleased you did

    Robert Baker

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