Share your Coffee Moment Here!

Take a moment. Wherever you are, whatever you're in the middle of.. take a moment to look around. Peak over your cup of steaming hot coffee. Take in the aroma and who you're surrounded by. If you're having this moment to yourself, think about what is really making it most enjoyable and make little memory with every cup. We can't wait to hear about what fuels you everyday. 

I couldn't be more excited to share this coffee with everyone and hear about where you are tasting it!! Please feel free to share your coffee moment, we're gonna love it! We choose one coffee moment a week to share on our Instagram! @hoysercountry


  • Claudia you are a beautiful young lady. Your coffee is amazing. Maybe someday I will get to meet you and have a cup of coffee with you. I will be buying more coffee. I love your red lights turning green cd I just got my signed copy. Sending love❤️

    Art Belasky
  • Seems kind of funny that I started listening to you 4 years ago on your Monday night posts. I miss those, seems Covid kind of broke up the band, kind of sad. But your coffee is stellar and on one recent visit when my brother came over to see the new home we had moved into I had a chance to make him a cup of your country blend. Now when I purchased this house we bought everything in it and one of the items was a French press, believe it or not , so I pulled it out to give it a try. Made my first batch of country blend in it. My brother had never had your blend before and we both proclaimed it the best cup of joe we have ever had. Don’t know if it was the blend or the press or just the moment, your coffee is awesome. The funny part was that we took a pic of us with cups in hand and I posted it to your Fan page at which time some one proclaimed the post fake. Really? We laughed about that one as the moderator of the site told us to drink on. Love the Coffee and all the new music. Rob Berens

    Rob Berens
  • Had my first taste of Jamaican Me Country 2 days ago, absolutely amazing and incredible sweet taste, the aroma alone was enough to make me an instant fan!! Can’t wait to order more!! In going to savour this one bag to a once a week cup. Will be my treat HCB COFFEE MOMENT!!

    Chris Cook
  • I really loved the taste and smoothness of Jamaican Me Country! Hoping it will be a permanent option when it comes to purchasing my HCB! The Best Coffee On Earth!! ☕🌍🤎

    Robert Baker
  • The coffee is very good, actually delicious. I enjoy a hot cup of Hoyser Country Blend in the morning as I sit in silence and reflect before I get ready for work. You have a great quality product and my wife and I love it. I actually came across it by first discovering your music and voice on either Youtube or facebook, I don’t remember which one it was. Keep up the good work, you are very talented young lady.


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